Sauer Special Prone Shooting Glove

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Model Spezial Prone
Item No. SS-314
Material 100% kid leather. Inner lining 100% polyacrylic
Color Black
Sizes S, M, L
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Sauer Special Prone Shooting Glove

This Special glove for the kneeling and prone position is a classic from the Sauer range. Thanks to the elimination of the pad, the inner padding is reinforced. This gives it a very good cushioning effect. The stretch insert at the cuff gives it a snug fit on the forearm. Over the years it has proven very popular with shooters favoring the prone and kneeling positions.

Sauer prone glove is made up of 100% kid leather which is very extremely soft. Inner lining 100% polyacrylic which provides the maximum capability to observe the shock and provides maximum stability while shooting.

For Right Handed Shooter (A right-handed shooter wears a support glove on the LEFT support hand. If you are a right-handed shooter, order a Right Handed Glove and you will receive a support hand glove which correctly fits on your left hand for right-handed shooting)

Please Note: You are ordering only one glove (not a pair) that goes on the support hand when shooting a rifle.

Measurements: To determine glove size, use a measuring tape, and measure your hand around the palm at knuckles with hand flat, fingers closed. Do not include the thumb. Make sure you measure the correct hand the glove will fit on since many people’s left and right hands can have different measurements. This palm/knuckle measurement should be used as a general guide to determine size although every person’s hand is unique and the glove will fit differently on different people. Other factors such as wrist, finger, or thumb size may have an impact on sizing that is not reflected in the palm at the knuckles measurement.

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L – Large, M – Medium, S – Small


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